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A Bit About Me

My years of experience in the design industry and desire to see clients succeed means I can offer you the same service as a high-priced design firm as a much more reasonable cost.

Like most independent contractors, I started work in the industry at design studios and ad agencies. Starting out as a junior designer and working my way up to an Art Director and Account Executive, I experienced the collaboration between client and Art Director, I learned about what it takes to meet the needs of the client, and where the message often gets lost along the way.


Working for a larger design firm – where the average website cost was in the neighborhood of $10,000 – the client’s ability to develop a relationship with their designer was often hindered by the Account Executives, Art Directors and CEO’s who filtered and fed the information they deemed necessary to the designers. Not only did I feel this cost was often not justified, I concluded that I could offer an even more personal level of service at a much more reasonable cost.


My ability to offer the same services as a larger design firm at a substantially lower price is only possible because of my years of experience in the industry and the capacity to handle multiple responsibilities within my company. I love being able to offer this service at a lower price because it offers me the flexibility to work with people who might not otherwise be able to afford professional design and brand management services. I love to see my clients succeed and feel really good knowing I had a part in their success.


So after gaining an wealth of experience and skill, I made the decision to disengage myself from the corporate world in order to better service my clients. In 1999, I garnered my first independent client and set off on a journey that has allowed me to provide the same proficiency as an agency with the personalized care of a small business.